TRACKS FOR ARTISTS – Artists, Labels & Management Companies interested in recording over a Versatile Traxx track, please email Versatile Traxx at with the following information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Title
  3. Company Name
  4. Artists Name
  5. Any Artists Samples of Work (previous recordings, bio, photos, etc.)
  6. Project Description
  7. Type of Track you’re requesting (R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, etc.) and/or the Track Title ID Name (if you’ve already know the VT track you want), and any
  8. Project Budget details.


MIXTAPES, SINGLES & ALBUMS – Artists, Labels & Management Companies seeking to employ Versatile Traxx as a producer on their Mixtape, a Single or full Album, please contact including: Your Name, Title, Company Name, Artists Name, Any Artists Samples of Work, Project Description, Type of Track Requested and/or Track Title and Budget.

VERSATILE TRAXX MIXTAPE – Artists wishing to submit their talent for acceptance on Versatile Traxx’ upcoming Mixtape may do so by sending their music file to If selected, Versatile Traxx will contact you and supply you with a track he feels matches your particular style.  Only Versatile Traxx produced tracks will be a part of the VT Mixtape.

IN-STUDIO PRODUCING & CONSULTING – Versatile Traxx is available to artist for in-studio recording sessions. Versatile Traxx will work seamlessly with artist’s vision and engineers in crafting the perfect recording. In-Studio producing includes vocal-arrangements, lyric suggestions, track enhancements, etc.  In-Studio P is charge at an hourly rate.

HOOKS, COLLABORATIONS & FEATURES – As CEO of BEAT PHARMACISTS, Versatile Traxx has developed partnerships with a team of writers, singers and rappers, which he can employ for features and full-production of your track.